Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fading Away Effect

This effect it’s so easy that it’s scary. You’re going to think “Well duh!!” after I tell you how it’s done. You will need two things; a clip and a picture of the empty background (If you don’t know how to empty the background well that’s another tutorial, now isn’t it?). Anyways, to show you how to do this I will use a clip of Michael and Sara hugging and this picture:

Now the picture you choose doesn’t have to be too perfect because the eye doesn’t really focus on much detail. Ok so let us start. Put the clip followed by the picture on the same track, like so:

Now all you need to do is drag the picture over the video clip as much as you want for what you want to achieve. In this case will overlap most of the clip, like so:

That’s it!! Now let’s see what that did.

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