Sunday, August 19, 2007

Multicolor Clip Effect

This is very fun and looks amazing on screen, but the best part about it is how easy it is to achieve. To do this effect though, we’re going to need a masked clip so you need to know how to apply a mask to a video which we already learned how to do. We’re going to use the same clip we did on the Masking tutorial:

Right click the clip and select Copy. Paste it on a new track so that you have two of the same clip, one directly beneath the other, like so:

Click on the Event Pan/Crop icon on the lower clip:

You should now be looking at the Event Pan/Crop window. Click the Mask check box on the lower left hand corner, so that it is disabled:

Now click on the Event FX icon on the lower clip and choose Black and White:

If you’ve done everything like I’ve been telling you to you should now be looking at the window below. Set the blend amount to 0.790 (you do what you want though, this is just an example).

And that’s it! We should see our mask area in full color and our background should appear in black and white. Let’s see it:

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